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Bronze Wire Mesh

Stunning and shapeable, bronze wire mesh stands out in a range of both technical and decorative projects. The mesh shines in industrial separation and filtration. Insect screens protect homes from tiny invaders. Its striking brownish red impresses in the form of architecture and art pieces.

Bronze is among the wide selection of wire mesh materials available from TWP Inc. Ninety percent copper and 10 percent zinc combine to create an alloy that beats out brass in both strength and corrosion resistance. It's also sturdier than copper and ages well. Expect bronze wire mesh to weather into a gorgeous greenish brown patina that makes a big statement in decorative projects.

Features & Uses

Bronze mesh shares a lot of qualities with copper. It's bendable, long-lasting, and ductile. Bronze works uniquely well in marine environments because saltwater doesn't easily destroy it. Try either monel or Type 316 wire meshes for that purpose. Bronze wire mesh is also at home in other applications including:

Bronze wire mesh's one-of-a-kind looks will add style to any project, including antique home restoration. For example, those restoring antique homes can choose bronze for insect screens. In fact, one of our bronze window screens was featured in a New York Times article about porch screens. We recommend 18 x 14 .011 inch wire diameter screen for windows and doors.

Beautiful Bronze Wire Mesh Basics

Bronze wire mesh materials come in a number of sub-categories, which include:

  • Restoration bronze

  • Lacquered bronze

  • Phosphorous bronze

  • Antique bronze plated

Each type does a unique job. Phosphorous bronze mesh, for one, can appear in extremely fine wire meshes and features corrosion resistance that surpasses copper and brass. Antique bronze decorative mesh spruces up cabinets and other furniture.

Bronze mesh sparkles like a new penny when first woven, but gradually fades to a greenish brown. Those hoping to keep the mesh looking like new can resurrect the finish by using a household cleaning product like Shower Power to remove surface oils.

Be aware that atmospheric conditions may affect the appearance of bronze wire mesh. While we try our best to preserve the color when packaging the mesh, we can't guarantee a uniform, brilliant finish when it arrives.

Cutting bronze wire mesh is simple with hand tools. Use household scissors to render meshes that are 16 mesh or finer. Tin snips should do the job for heavier 2 meshes through 10 meshes.

As one of the world's leading wholesalers and fabricators of wire mesh, TWP Inc. offers a wide selection of wire mesh materials, opening sizes, and weave types. Bronze is one of our many specialties. Connect with our team of professionals for a quote on wire mesh to fit your next project.


  • Sturdier than copper and weathers to a greenish brown patina

  • Superior to brass in both strength and corrosion resistance

  • 90 % copper and 10 % zinc

  • Uses include highly technical to decorative

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