Indonesian Language Grammar


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


How to use the word kemudian. The word kemudian can be translate to be afterwards, at a later time. Let see the sentence bellow
(a) Teratai membaca buku
(b) Teratai membuat pekerjaan rumah tangga
(c) teratai membaca buku kemudian teratai membuat pekerjaan rumah tangga
sentence (c) is come from cronology sentence (a) continue with sentence (b) so the conjunction "kemudian " is to explain about relation time order.

Time order is mean. The subject doing activity in the first sentence continue with the second sentence. Let see the sentence bellow. "Hati makan malam kemudian hati tidur di rumah" (Hati have dinner afterwards Hati slept at home) Hati have dinner first continue activity with Hati slept at home.

Hopefully you will understand how to use this word and you can apply when you communicate with Indonesian. keep learning and enjoy your day.

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