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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Prefix pe+adjective

Hello learner, now we will learn about how to use prefix pe-adjective in the sentence. the first one we will know about what is prefix pe+ adjective. prefix pe+ adjective is combination of prefix and adjective word.
Do you know what is the adjective in Indonesian language? for example manis is mean sweet, hangat is mean warm, kuat is strong, panas is hot, dingin is cold.

How the prefix structure if combine with adjective? for example:
pemanis the word pemanis consist of prefix pe and the word manis, penghangat consist of prefix pe and adjective word hangat. The structure of the prefix will be change depen on adjective word for example pe+ kuat will be penguat, pe+panas to be pemanas let see the change from the word kuat to be (ng) uat and panas to be (m) anas

After we get words we can make the phrase in Indonesian language for example " pemanis kue, pemanis minuman, pelembut baju, pelembut kain, penguat rumah, penguat tubuh, mean the the prefix pe+adjective change to be noun word.

 When mother cook the cake in the kitchen, Mother should provide sugar, so that is way sugar is one of important material when making the cake. Sugar is make cake taste sweet
 when we go to seven eleven and we buy some fast food, the teller will ask " do you want to wave the food? so Microwave is tool to make food will be warm.
So the sentence "Microwave adalah penghangat makanan" the word penghangat means make the food warm.
I hope learner can understand about the prefix pe-adjective in Indonesian language, keep learn and practice. If you have any question please write in  comment column bellow. Sampai jumpa.

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