Indonesian Language Grammar


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About Us

Sawas di krub

Why You Should know Indonesian Grammar?

The answer is This is the formal language used in Indonesia and you can use in any situation and many place to communicate with Indonesian. 

When we was born we will recognize the world. We listen a new things. We try to imitate the sound we try to imagine something and we try to make sign.

The content

This website consist of information about Indonesian Grammar. There is some example how to apply Indonesian grammar correctly. This website will explain alot of information for learning Indonesian language specially for Thai learner. There is alot of Thai translation here.

"We grow up with many kind of symbol and we express our feeling every day. We sing a song, we order some thing. we use LANGUAGE. We live in sign world. We enjoy to play word by word in the world"

The Vision
We will built the data information for Thai learner focusing on Indonesian Grammar
We introduce Indonesian language and culture 
We guide the learner with creating the effective community learning can access by public

A lot of language around the world and we offer you the INDONESIAN LANGUAGE who used around 250 millions people in the world.
Let's Explore Indonesia more and more


This website  prepared this for give learner easy to know how to use the word in the sentence or make a paragraph. or write Indonesian essay. so this website are materials for:

Classroom teacher
Indonesian Language teacher
College Proffesor

We recommend our material for advance learner and can read english

Who we are?

The activities carried out by the students with native speakers of the language are performed in the language learning activities for a couple of times. The conversation about Self Introduce, Visit Indonesian Corner, Visit Indonesian cultural center in Thailand

Now we create this website for education purposes only. We take this responsibility by developing Indonesian grammar and share it. We hope can use to support understanding Indonesian Language in Thailand.

Our Goal

The results obtained were the students able to properly master a conversation with a native speakerable to properly demonstrate confidence in deliver questions and answers in the conversationand manners prevailing during the activity.

Native speaker is a person who has spoken the language in question from earliest childhood. Indonesian Native speaker is person who has spoken Indonesian from earliest childhood.

Now here us to guide you to know about Indonesian. If you have any question please contact us.

Kop Kun Krub .

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